Will Obama insist that nuclear-Pakistan be next Egypt?


bush and musarrafThen-President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan responded affirmatively to an envoy of President George W. Bush soon after 9/11 who demanded that he cooperate with our armed forces, including landing rights for U.S. aircraft, in our war against The Taliban and al Qaeda. Thanks in part to Musharraf’s cooperation, President Bush kept the U.S. homeland safe for the remainder of his terms as Commander-in-Chief as we eliminated UBL’s safe haven in Afghanistan.

Sadly, Musharraf’s removal from office due to internal Pakistani politics coincided with Usama bin Laden securing a safe house near Pakistan’s equivalent of the Pentagon, before President Barack Obama, after months of delays, utilized intelligence gathered in Iraq and via water-boarding (all of which would not have been available had Senator Obama and his democratic Party had their way) and finally allowed Navy Seals to take him out.

The United States was fortunate to have such pro-western allies like Musharraf in Pakistan as well as President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in defending America against radical Islamists’ at war against us.

Sadly, upon taking office in 2009, President Obama went on an apology tour that culminated in Cairo where he coerced Egypt to allow the Muslim Brotherhood (previously-banned due to terrorism including the assassination of Mubarak’s successor Anwar Sadat) to participate in that nation’s elections. Disaster resulted when the MB’s Mohammed Morsi was elected president before his removal by the pro-western military. Since that rebuke of the Obama’s brothers in the ‘hood, he has threatened the pro-western Egyptian military with promised aid, turned Libya over to terrorists and appeased the terror-states of WMD-possessing-Syria and nuclear-bomb-developing-Iran.

Pakistan already has nuclear weapons and a large minority of citizens sympathetic to al Qaeda that only the pro-Western military keeps at bay. Now, whose side will America’s president take there now:

Embattled former military ruler Pervez Musharraf on Sunday said treason case against him smacks of a “vendetta” and dismissed the notion that Pakistan’s powerful army has abandoned him in his legal battle.

“I have led my men at Brigadier level and as Chief. Ask the 6.5 lakh personnel,” Musharraf said when asked if the army had abandoned him.

He said he had led the army as a leader and not the commander. “The real leadership is without the stars on your soldier. Remove it and then see if your men actually listen to you,” Musharraf said in an interview.

He said the 6.5 lakh-strong army had not abandoned him.

Given Obama’s own connections to radical Islam via Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his racist pal Louis Farrakhan (that Obama always refers to by the honorific “Minister”); his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin whose family is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood progenitor’s of al Qaeda; and his current Secretary of State John Kerry, whose son-in-law’s family lives at peace with the terrorist mullahs in Iran, Americans have reason to worry that our President is blind to his own aggression-inviting appeasement.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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