University using terrorist Bill Ayers’ book on race to teach freshmen


MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A number of students at Marquette University were surprised to discover textbooks used in freshman education courses were written by William Ayers, a former domestic terrorist and founding member of the Weather Underground.

AyersCharlie Kirk, Executive Director of Turning Point USA, reported student reactions from Marquette University in a video uploaded to YouTube Monday morning.
Marquette lists Ayers book “To Teach The Journey, In Comics” as required reading for the course EDUC 1210: Introduction to Schooling in a Diverse Society.

The course examines “the impacts of race, ethnicity, class and gender,” as well as the “demands, conditions, and rewards of the teaching profession.”

Kirk writes, in a column published to Townhall earlier this year, that Ayers’ text “argues ‘white privilege’ is a bias that is prevalent throughout our schools and in our society. The book openly promotes increased social justice programs and big government initiatives.”

Students appeared concerned when asked what they think of the university using textbooks written by a former domestic terrorist.



“I think it terrible” said one student, “I don’t believe a domestic terrorist should be writing textbooks for young children.”

“You’d think they’d use somebody a little more trustworthy”

William Ayers is best known for co-founding the Weather Underground, a communist revolutionary group that bombed several public buildings in the 1970’s to protest United States involvement in the Vietnam War.

Ayers is a retired professor of education at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Authored by Caleb Bonham –  Campus Reform

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