Unequal Obama Channels Karl Marx

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socialists spreading the wealthCrony capitalism, socialism, and the more accurate,  liberal Democrat Obamanomics, all inherently lead to inequality, with much poorer lower and middle classes given their insistence that “experts” choose winners and losers in the economy.

Which makes yesterday’s call for action on the “profoundly unequal” economy by its architect all the more curious:

President Barack Obama has called for action to remedy what he described as profound income inequality and a lack of social mobility in the US. He called for a rise in the minimum wage and for stronger collective bargaining laws, among other measures. He also said his embattled healthcare overhaul would ease one part of American families’ financial struggle.

We agree that the unemployment resulting from more labor unions, hikes in the minimum wage and Obamacare will make more Americans equally poor, but would such a circumstance coincide with any Americans’ pursuits of happiness except for other liberal Democrats like Obama that have cushy pensions and who pursue happiness with meddlesome government-run experiments on We the People? I think not.

Listen to B. Hussein channel the very-late Karl Marx with the latest attempted diversion from health insurance policy cancellations and the grinding sound of Obamanomics-produced poverty:

During his first campaign for president, while in the front yard of JoeForAmerica’s founder, then Senator Barack Obama insisted that America’s economy would recover and be permanently better off with “spread the wealth” economic policies. Never mind the objections of Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher at the time and conservatives from Adam Smith in 1776 through Ted Cruz in 2013, that such policies destroy and prevent the creation of wealth necessary to make spreading even an option.

So, Americans voted for hope, change and income re-distribution by liberal Democrats in 2008 and doubled-down on Obamanomics, including Obamacare, in 2012. The caring began with a stimulus bill, that had to be passed quickly so as to avoid unemployment ever rising above 8% (it reached 10+% for many months), and that spread wealth Americans’ wealth to government union employees. Senator Obama had voted for TARP I to spread wealth to Wall Street fat cats and President Obama with then-Treasury Secretary Timothy  Geithner and a Democratic Congress’s help spread even more to Fannie Mae and Freddie mac with TARP II. The spreading accelerated with taxes on the rich, affordable energy-killing regulations on job producers and subsidies for green energy Solyndras.

Despite the tea partier conservative anti-Obamacare message  that returned the House to the GOP after the 2010 mid-term election, an electoral majority voted to double down on the wealth-spreading of the supposedly-affordable-Affordable Care Act after the election of 2012, rather than turn over the executive branch to the architect of Massachusetts’ RomneyCare.

By this time, of course, there is less wealth to spread around and the only recipients we can find for wealth diverted from buying food, shelter and gasoline are IRS agents and Obamacare navigators that counsel subsidy-seeking exchange applicants to de-fraud taxpayers.

We want action to end the inequality too, but doubt President Obama wishes to return to the private sector early to prove he can write a third biography sans the help of ghostwriters who know the dreams from his father, terrorists named Ayers or inspired by Audacity of Hope or G-D-America sermons.

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