Underground since Y2K? Should have waited till Y2Obama

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y2kAs we approach another Christmas and New Year, news from the underground, literally, of the most celebrated, and feared, New Years Eve (1999) and New Years Day (2000) has been received from CBC radio of a man who’s fear of the dreaded Y2K virus that was supposed to cause planes to fall out of the sky, trains to run off their tracks and nuclear missiles to launch without warning:

January 1, 2000 was the day that our computers were meant to fail us and change our lives forever. It was also the day that 44 year old Norman Feller headed into his underground bunker over fears of the fallout from the Y2K virus. Remarkably Mr. Feller spent the next 14 years in isolation only to emerge this past September. In this touching documentary, Peter Oldring visits with Norman to learn more about his unbelievable decision to live underground:

JoeForAmerica can’t confirm the above report and believes it to be satire, but can confirm that life above ground, especially for those living in S.C. and N.J. tent cities that we reported on here yesterday, since Inauguration Day, Y2K09 can’t be that much better than life underground. We’re not sure what Norman did, if he did, after he fell off the map, again literally, in late 1999; but if the Obamanomics-wrought jobs depression and Obamacare policy cancellations continue, we might look into survival techniques away from the increasingly maddening crowd of the unemployed and uninsured.

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