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And we thought only Dixie denizens can’t drive in the snow


pileupBill Cosby had a famous comedy routine back in the 1960s titled “Driving  in San Francisco” about his loathing of the clutch, love of finally getting into third (or the highest) gear and refusal to shift back down once arriving there. He brought that mentality to the City by the Bay, famous for clutch-burning steep hills, where at the top of one, some city engineering idiot put a stop sign and intersection.

Five million got caught behind him one day and had to surrender to the parking brake and open up a used car lot.

Eastern Pennsylvania ain’t  San Francisco, nor Atlanta; and as Hank Williams Jr. used to say, if “Heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I don’t want to go”. Welcome to frozen Hell on I-78, where Yankees school us Southerners on driving in winter wonderlands:

Gamecock Sand Lapper


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