Obamacare terror doesn’t move MSM to cover Obama’s terrorist pals

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Bill-Ayers-Rev.-Jeremiah-WrightWho to believe, an admitted terrorist or his still-in-denial, serial-liar-friend?

But if it weren’t for Investor’s Business Daily, JoeForAmerica, Sean Hannity and other conservative talk radio hosts; President Obama could have the entire United States Code re-ghost-written to please Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky and Americans wedded to the Main Stream (Democrat) Media would only hear the sound of a tree falling in a forest where they and Johnny Carson aren’t located, i.e. silence, interrupted by captive college student audiences whooping.

John McCain’s martyr-complex and/or fear of the Democrat Media’s PC-police wouldn’t allow him to mention it, but the Arizona Republican’s opponent in the 2008 race for the White House organized his first political campaign over coffee and radicalism in the Chicago living room of a 60’s Weather Underground, New York City-police station bomber.

That 1996 organizational meeting at the Hyde Park home of terrorism team Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn took place many years after their friendship began and approximately one year after Barack Hussein Obama’s first supposed AUTO-biography was published by Random House in June of 1995.

The former University of Chicago professor and bomber of the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol building now explicitly claims that Dreams From My Father was a biography ghostwritten exclusively by him. Before June of 1995…:

Ayers and Obama worked together on a panel approving grants for far-left causes. Later that year, Ayers and his radical wife launched Obama’s political career during a fundraiser at their Hyde Park home. If Ayers, who was an accomplished writer, aided Obama, it was a godsend. Obama had a bad case of writer’s block and couldn’t produce. He had contracted to write his memoir almost five years earlier, when Simon & Schuster had given him a $125,000 contract after he was elected the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review. After Obama missed several deadlines, Simon & Schuster canceled the contract. Random House picked it up.

President Obama has always claimed he wrote that first story of his life (at age 34) and the second, Audacity of Hope, inspired by his Hate-KKK-America pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, published in 2006 (at age 45). One wonders if the most un-reverend Wright was the audacious ghost in Obama’s latter endeavor and what radical pal of B. Hussein’s will be available to pen the third installment hopefully before 2017. The American people wouldn’t want to have to wait more than the customary 11 years between detailed dissertations on the fascinating journey that is Obama’s life.

Maybe ousted Egyptian President and brother Muslim from the ‘hood, Mohammed Morsi will still be unemployed and available to work as Ghost No. 3.

Given the paucity of actual achievements in his life beyond getting elected, denying life-saving health care to infants born alive after surviving abortions while an Illinois senator, and destroying America’s health care and insurance industries while president, we had hoped he had a future as a memoir writer, much as did Ulysses S. Grant.

But then again he did once represent ACORN as a Chicago lawyer, allowed Navy Seals to kill Usama bin Laden and droned U.S. citizens overseas, so maybe his resume won’t be so thin that he can’t get a post-Obamacare part-time job directing hits in Michelle’s war on obesity?

We still marvel at how the MSM mostly ignored Obama’s preacher’s rants, his association with Bill Ayers, and his respectful references to Rev. Wright’s pal, by the honorific “Minister” Farrakhan. Would Americans have elected much less re-elected such a disgrace on national party’s ticket has John McCain or Mitt Romney ever brought them up? We’ll never know, but at JoeForAmerica, we still know what is news and will report it.

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