Skateboarders against The Nanny-State Man

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skateboardersGhandi and Martin Luther King Jr showed us the way.

While bans on trans-fat, jumbo Coca-Colas, Marlboros and skateboarders may not rise to the level of Imperial British Rule or the Jim Crow south on the injustice scale, there is a slippery slope that began with bans on oil drilling in the frozen Arctic-Alaskan tundra and now, via Obamacare, bans on insurance policies people like.

Here is the kind of civil disobedience America could use more of:

There’s an annual skateboard race in New York City known as the ‘Broadway Bomb’. This year the city banned it, and the New York State Supreme Court ruled that it was within its rights to do so.

But it happened anyway.

And someone compiled this film. And put it to music. Don’t start it if you have a mouthful of coffee.

Maybe we could soon see oil derricks in Central Park?

G. Sand Lapper

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