The Sexiest Douchebag Alive

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Pretty sure it means “I’m Cool”.. At least that’s what the tattoo guy said it meant. In Buddhist or something..

I find it hilariously ironic that the smartest, smoothest, best communicator on planet earth – Barack Obama – must resort to enlisting People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” to sell his piece of crap healthcare takeover to the American public.

Keep in mind, the President knows he’s only shooting at the citizenry he believes would react instinctively to the uber-tattooed Adam Levine, who fronts the band ‘Maroon 5’.  (Am I the only one who flashes back to childhood memories of Bugs Bunny saying; “What a maroon…”?) I don’t pretend to speak for this generation which Barack Obama is depending on signing up for and forming the core of financial support for the Affordable Care Act..

.. I only know they cannot be this stupid.

bruce-springsteenThis reminds me of the effort some years ago when Bruce Springsteen gave a concert and offered free admission (or something like that) if young people registered to vote, ostensibly for the Party and candidate he blabbered on and on about onstage. They didn’t care. They just wanted Bruce to stfu and sing Born to Run and then stfu and sing Thunder Road. If you click on his mouth, you’ll go to a thoughtful article about his thoughtful politics. I swear..

“The Nanny” State..

Now, the “Chosen” one has enlisted Mr. Tattoo (lucky he landed that singing gig, eh?), Tatyana Ali (Ashley from “Fresh Prince”!), Fran Drescher (ironically, she was “The Nanny”) and actor Kal Penn (guy who quit the show “House” to work for Obama) to ” to spice up Obamacare” as Bloomberg describes it. The slick PR campaign features webisodes, rap songs, live streaming, social media – man; these kids have these kids covered! See what I did there? Get it? Covered? ..Oh, forget it.

Don’t worry – it’s all paid for by guess who? The website was a $500 some odd million slush fund to some Canadian company which employed people related to Valerie Jarret – and now someone with more time on their hands than I will hopefully follow this money to folks connected to the Obama donor / crony / machinery – no doubt, and it just never ends, does it? By the way – I’m on edge wondering which level of ObamaCare these celebs chose for themselves – Platinum, Silver or Gold? Wrong again, Teamster-breath. Can you say “union-exemption”?

“ObamaCare comes in Silver, Gold and Fabulous!”
— Lance Bass

But this is not the first celebrity campaign to fool – I mean encourage – young folks to get on the program. Not sure if you missed it, but Lady Gaga, Amy Poehler, Lance Bass and a bunch of other young and beautiful others stepped up to the Obama plate just after the incredibly successful rollout of October First (that there’s sarcasm, kids) and boy, the younger generation just went crazy for craziness, didn’t they? Keep in mind, these are celebrities who don’t even get dressed in the morning without consulting their public relations people and enlisting their assistants – but boy, they know what’s best for your health!

But back to the slush fund: The back end of the website still does not function and they know it. So why are they rolling out this campaign to get kids to enroll? Do I have to repeat the underlying fact that “Obamacare” was never meant to work in the first place? There is no expectation of security for any information you enter on the ACA website. Why? Because they don’t want your information to be secure. They want to share it with other agencies and use it against you for political purposes if necessary. In the meantime, let’s spend as much taxpayer money as we can, rewarding our buddies, cronies, celebrity supporters, connected friends, donors – even foreign companies whenever possible because god forbid we create a single frickin’ job in this country..

The proof is in the fact that the Obama Administration never had trouble with their own online efforts when it came to gathering potential voters, actual voters, campaign donations, social media, campaign promotion, etc. That went pretty smoothly and does to this day. They know how it’s done correctly, don’t they? When it’s important that it work, it works. Magic. Why not hire that company? Or maybe a company that their pals at Facebook or Google might recommend?

ryan-murrayWith the failure to defund and this new 2-year funding of ObamaCare in the Ryan-Murray budget, Barack Obama has managed to turn something that 8 million people had a problem with into something 90 million people are going to have a problem with. With the enabling from Republicans, we will not dig our way out of this unless we take our one final shot at it in 2014. I only hope the grassroots rises up ten times larger than they did in 2010. This celebrity 2.0 ObamaCare-a-thon won’t work and they know it.

So why do they do it? Answer: They don’t care that it doesn’t work. Get it? They can’t register you on the website, they can’t get your info to a doctor correctly, they can’t get the payment right and your private information is not safe.

But damnit, they’re going to look good not doing it.

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