Sen. Sessions saved us from amnesty and even worse 2013

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rubio and sessionsDespite increases in welfare dependency so stark that nearly half of all Americans now get some kind of aid from the federal government, most Americans agree that 2013 was a bad year. That may sound counter-intuitive, but given the inexplicable re-election of such a failed economic steward as President Barack Obama in 2012, one has to question the judgment of the American people on what is good vs. bad:

A majority of Americans won’t be sorry to see the end of 2013. As it turns out, 54% of Americans describe 2013 as a “bad year” for the world, and another 15% call it a “very bad year.” That means nearly 70% of Americans will say “good riddance” to the year come Tuesday night.

This is especially so when a crony capitalistic Wall Street incessantly fed by The Fed’s giveaways of your future and the Almighty Dollar’s. And even more especially so when the In-the-Tank-for-Obama-Democrat-Media lauds a mostly irrelevant U-3 unemployment rate drop to 7% driven down primarily by Americans who refused to file their 15th application at the local Wal-Mart for a “greeter” position. Americans aren’t fooled. Less of us are employed today than when President Obama was first inaugurated on January 20, 2009.

Even before millions had health insurance policies cancelled that they liked (and that Obama assured them they would be able to keep under Obamacare), we discovered that the IRS used their power to steal the 2012 election via audit threats and denials of 501(c)(4) status against tea partier conservatives. Thanks to Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s defiance of his own GOP party establishment, Democrat Media and Obama-Democrats in D.C., no American is unaware that the disaster that is Obamacare and its website is a wholly owned enterprise of President Obama and the Democratic Party.

But 2013 would have been even worse had not Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) maintained his vigorous opposition to comprehensive so-called “reform” of immigration laws that looked likely to further erode a dismal labor market for U.S. citizens struggling to survive Year Five of the disaster known as Obamanomics.

The Speaker of the House and the GOP’s 2012 vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan have made clear their intention to pass an amnesty bill that was, significantly, initially backed by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Given the latter’s credibility with tea partiers and conservatives of all stripes on all other issues, his support for a bill weak on border security and strong on amnesty that would allow illegals to vote for Democrats within a decade, would be a disaster for the GOP and American workers in terms of securing employment in the first place and at wages sufficient to fund a middle class lifestyle.

One man stayed consistent, strong and a master of the facts on the consequence of such an approach, and for that we thank Senator Jeff Sessions; who most recently denounced the Obama Administration’s use of “refugee” status meant for special cases of persecution, for ordinary Mexican-border-fence-jumpers:

We give Sen. Sessions a lot of credit for his Florida colleagues reversal on “comprehensive reform”:

Despite being one of the chief architects of the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in June, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio announced on Monday his preference to scale back reform efforts and focus instead on passing a series of minor bills encompassing reform’s least-contested elements. Not included among them: a path to citizenship for the country’s estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Bravo Sens. Rubio and Sessions for preventing 2013 from being even worse. In the Age of Obama, damage control is conservatives only cause for celebration.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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