Rubio opposes Ryan-Murray deal, supports defense

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marco_rubio_edit-300x300And thank God for that.

The military budget was gutted BEFORE the 2012 sequester. The Ryan-Murray budget deal does NOT restore those cuts. In the age of Obama the intentional decline of U.S. power cannot be stopped. But at least with the sequester, discretionary government spending was slowed. And anyone that claims the relatively puny sequester cuts are “hurting” anyone other than government bureaucrats that ought to join those of us suffering under Obamanomics, are also live prospects for buying the Brooklyn Bridge or being a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party or GOP establishment.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) gets it. His statement on the agreement between House and Senate budget committee chairmen, respectively, Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Patty Murray (D-WA), in full:

“We need a government with less debt and an economy with more good paying jobs, and this budget fails to accomplish both goals, making it harder for more Americans to achieve the American Dream. Instead, this budget continues Washington’s irresponsible budgeting decisions by spending more money than the government takes in and placing additional financial burdens on everyday Americans.

“In the short run, this budget also cancels earlier spending reductions, instead of making some tough decisions about how to tackle our long-term fiscal challenges caused by runaway Washington spending. I voted against sequestration because of its effect on key programs, including the defense budget, but higher spending and more revenue are not the appropriate ways to address that problem.

“The American people should not be asked to choose between a strong military and responsible budgets that encourage job creation and reduce debt. They deserve better than this.”

Thank God that this conservative is still on the job in Washington, D.C.

Hopefully Congress won’t accept the deal:

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