Rooting for Failure? Cheerleading won’t fix Obamacare

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usc-cheerleadersThe only time Democrats can tout the merits of their proposed policies and passed laws is before they take effect and the disastrous results are made manifest.

But even after their policies are enacted into law, elected Democrats and the press branch of the party aka “Mainstream Media”  go to work overtime to blame Republicans for the suffering that inevitably ensues when Democrats’ unnatural laws are foisted upon actual human beings. That fact, and the usual circumstance of divided government, has allowed the party of Jefferson and Jackson to survive decades longer than either of the former presidents would have remained members of it.

So last night I accidentally left the television on a non-sports station while preparing my pre-Monday Night Football meal and all I heard from the idiot box as my Thanksgiving leftovers re-warmed were liberal Democrats blaming website software problems, and complaints of Americans desirous of keeping their insurance policies and doctors, on Republicans allegedly “rooting for failure”. Given the lowly state of education in America since it became increasingly federal-government-run, it is understandable that many who call the Jack Ass their party mascot could confuse the verb “root” with “observe”, but of course most of the braying donkeys on CNN etc have no problem with those verbs when not discussing failed policies they supported and/or voted for.

The Patient Protection and Affordability Act, BY ITS OWN TERMS, mandates that insurance companies cover more illnesses and procedures than did most pre-Obamacare policies. It was ALWAYS clear that Obamacare would result in mass cancellations of existing policies, despite President Barack Obama’s serial lying promises. And in fact, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) admitted last week that all Democrats knew the you-can-keep-your-policy promise was a lie. But it was for our own good. Former President Bill Clinton persuaded Democrat Senate holdouts to pass the admittedly flawed (it didn’t go as far as HillaryCare towards single-payer, fully-socialized medicine) ACA when his party held the Senate, by a filibuster-proof super-majority, and the House in 2009-10, with the refrain that they could “fix it later.”

Later has arrived, but as with bicycles for fish, there is no way to “fix” it.

The Dems lost the House after the next election, primarily because tea party conservative Republicans persuaded enough voters in the 2010 election of what was coming. And the only way to fix what ails America as a result of Obamacare is to remove the party that foisted the ACA upon us via elections in 2014 and 2016. That requires using First Amendment-guaranteed free speech so that the Democratic Party can be held accountable.

Republican free speech that would “root” for Obamacare in some amorphous way won’t prevent policy cancellations, premium increases or the relegation of millions from the ranks of the insured to the un-insured or the increasingly similar Medicaid program that doctors and hospitals are fleeing in droves.

No, what Democrats define as “not rooting for failure” would require Republicans to join them in lying about how the website is getting better and how we will all sing kumbaya once Obamacare is “fully-implemented”. In other words, let them fool us twice on this, like we were fooled on the affordability of every other entitlement that finds the United States with the future of its younger generations mortgaged for elderly and near elderly generations with dreams of a cushy retirement crushed and a disappearing middle class to support it all.

Pat Buchanan rightly refuses to abide:

No, my ex-wife used to root for me while I tried to fix those then-newfangled fuel-injection engines, so adept had I been with V-8’s. But somehow all the Budweiser-accompanied-cheerleading didn’t get the Berlinetta’s engine fixed.

And finally there is the puny, but albeit real sin of hypocrisy from a party that did root for failure in one circumstance where rooting could and did make a difference. Unlike enacted laws and website software, enemies of the United States in war can be emboldened to hold out and fight on, killing more Americans, in places like say…Iraq and Afghanistan, with hopes of eventual victory when those rooting for their own country’s failure, re-gain power. And voila, the Democrats “won” and so did Baathists, the Taliban and al Qaeda that desire havens more safe for plotting more 9/11s.

We also know that it doesn’t help for all those soccer fans in American sports stadia to root for Team USA to fail, and who doubts that most are registered or soon-to-be-registered Democrats? Not I.

Sadly, one can point to only one very clear example of electoral party-policy accountability over the past 40 years. After Watergate, Americans trusted Jimmy Carter and his fellow Democrats with super-majorities after the election of 1976 similar to those held by Obama’s after 2008. Democrats gave us double-digit unemployment, inflation and interest rates; the USSR in Afghanistan and Islamists holding 52 Americans hostage in Iran. Enter The Republican Gipper in 1980 and it was Morning in America before 1984 and for 25 years thereafter.

Unfortunately, credit for the continued Reagan Recovery got misappropriated during the 1990s due to divided government in which a Democrat President Bill Clinton, denied Hillarycare, was given credit for the budget-balancing and welfare-reforming polices forced upon him by Newt’s Republican brigades.

Today, Republicans are rooting for American success by making sure the obvious about Obamacare is declared as such on the airwaves so that Democrats can be held accountable and justly removed from power come next Election Days.

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