Republicans Want ObamaCare

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Obamacare Train WreckNone of it makes sense. If everyone is against ObamaCare, then why would Republicans fund it through the CR back in October, then be fighting to lock it in forever with this Ryan-Murray deal? I know they’re exempt from the ACA – but I watched as they called Ted Cruz names for (literally) standing up against it and now as they badmouth conservatives across the board. Especially when you look at who brought John Boehner and company to the dance in the first place:

The Republican Party was all but destroyed after the 2006 elections and they should have been. With Captain Stimulus in office, we forget that in 2005, the GOP had just distinguished themselves as the most profligate spending, pork-loving, big-government, entitlement-expanding, debt-mounting, deficit-balooning bunch to ever control Congress in the history of our nation.

They did it in just six years, just after they swore to the American electorate the following:

“If the Republican Party could just control both the Senate and the House – then they and a newly elected Republican President could stop the irresponsible liberal spending, cut taxes, abolish the Departments of Energy, Education and the EPA, limit regulations, pass tort-reform, welfare-reform, entitlement-reform and did we mention cut spending? Oh, yeah – we swear we..”

.. I’m sorry, I dozed off there for a second. I was dreaming I was listening to John Boehner from just a few days ago – attacking conservative and Tea Party groups because they’re upset about this phony Ryan/Murray deal which raises taxes, increases spending, cuts military retirement and continues to fully fund ObamaCare – cursing the very folks that made him Speaker, isn’t he?

But back to the 2000-2006 Republicans under GWB: That’s right, they were the worst stewards of the Treasury ever. Worse than the Democrats under Carter, worse than the Democrats under Reagan, worse than anything up until that point. Throw in a couple protracted wars, and WHAM! – here comes Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama and ObamaCare a few years later. Thanks GOP!

“The spending cuts happen over ten years, just like the last ones we just got rid of..”

But now the Republicans have done something that eclipses all of that betrayal, false promises and that table-setting for the fundamental transformation taking place before our very pink slips:

The establishment GOP, which apparently now includes Paul Ryan, has sold out the entire nation to years of true suffering – not just financial – but outright physical, emotional and mental pain and anguish – because it will give them a good shot at regaining that full control of Congress.

I’m not kidding, or being outrageous at all here. Speaker Boehner and the rest of them who are lashing out at conservatives demanding rational fiscal behavior from Republicans, would rather let Americans suffer under the leftist fiasco that is ObamaCare, massive debt, high-unemployment and a squallid economy than do something to help them. And he’s threatening and assaulting the very folks who made his career. If not for them, he’d be just a guy in back having a smoke.

Ironically, it was those very same grass-root conservative groups and the massive sweep in the elections of 2010 that exposed establishment Republicans to the first glimpse of what might just be the most powerful GOP election weapon since Reagan coattails: Run Against ObamaCare

John Boehner, Paul Ryan
“I think I see one of those Tea Party people bumming a cigarette off my Chief of staff… who the hell do these people think they are, anyway?”

It’s not something the GOP thought up or even saw coming, mind you. In fact, it took them forever and too late to figure it out during the Governor’s race in Virginia – or maybe folks there wouldn’t have the King of all Hack’s in office today.

No, it was regular people like you and me who back in 2010, knew what ObamaCare was and how it was cajoled, bribed and chicaned through Congress then foisted upon us against our will. We knew it was a lie – or else why would they have to mandate it? Ah, the old “common sense” routine – eh, Rodney Lee?

So we stopped what we were doing (working, raising families, creating wealth, going to services, yoga class, making America even greater, etc.), went out and threw enough leftists, liars, hacks and RINO’s out so as to breathe easy – knowing the Framers gave the House of Representatives the Power of the Purse in Article I, back in the day.

But after the events of the past two weeks, this past October and last summer; I could not be more embarrassed, more sad, more sick to my stomach then I am now – when I’ve allowed myself to believe what I should have known all along:

Republicans want ObamaCare.

PELOSI and BOIt’s Thor’s Hammer. Democrat Kryptonite. Obama-hemlock. The House that falls on Pelosi and Wasserman. Okay, I went too far – but it’s the GOP’s magic carpet back to power and along with massive debt, out of control spending, the same protracted wars – they figure the Senate is only an election away and the American public will, in an astounding rejection of natural law, remember Benghazi in 2016.

But in the meantime – what about us? Won’t we have to live with ObamaCare while you guys get the Senate back and then wait for 2016 to see if you can field… um, I don’t know, let’s see – who’s next in line? Well, I read where McCain says he’s spoken to many, many people who are all encouraging him to run again. These people are commonly known as Democrats, but still..

Doesn’t matter, we’ll have Obama to veto any thoughts of repealing the ACA and after it’s intended implosion, cue the Executive actions forcing insurance companies to pay claims with or without coverage, expanding ACA subsidies, the bailout (“Rich bankers got a bailout – isn’t healthcare for all Americans just as important?”), a whole lotta taxes and a quick morph to single-payer – “what difference does it make” who’s president after that?

Upside-down-GOPDear Republicans: You sold out the very well-being of Americans – and you can bet there will be Facebook pages dedicated to the body count as a result of your unforgivable actions and inaction in the pursuit of power. That is, until Facebook shuts them down.

GOP: You put your Party before people stricken with cancer, diabetes, bad knees and heart problems. You allowed Barack Obama to divert billions of dollars from Seniors and put them in the back of the hospital line. The Constitution instructs you to stop Federal power-grabs like ObamaCare when they are forced on the citizens against their will, but the smell of long-term political power took priority over the people of this nation. All of them.

Doctors are quitting, hospitals are scrambling, millions are uninsured and it will grow and grow over the next three years and folks will literally die unnecessarily, because you wanted to be the majority party so badly.

dont_tread_on_me-300x150And with the same old promises: ..”We swear, if we only get control of both houses and a Republican President: We’ll cut spending, reduce the deficit, balance the budget, eliminate the departments of…” oh shut-up.

Thank God they don’t see what’s coming in 2014. Whew!

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