Putin imposes in Russia what American press volunteers

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Putin-StalinAll supportive of big government-message, by all but Fox News, all the time. Can a return of the USSR’s hammer and sickle flag be far behind?

Chambers lied about Hiss, JFK was killed by right-wing Southern racists, U.S. armed forces lost to Vietnamese communists’ Tet offensive and Reagan was an amiable dunce. Not.

But before Rush Limbaugh hit the national airwaves in 1988 rarely, save for William F. Buckley’s Firing Line or Pat Buchanan on Crossfire was heard a discouraging word in the U.S. press from the revisionist hate-American history of liberal Democrats.

In America, no government has imposed Stalinism. Free liberals in the Democratic Party’s media branch have simply chosen to disguise themselves as “reporters” and “journalists” to advance their agenda to turn the United States into a liberal paradise, which obviously includes Obamacare.

But in Russia, enough Russians still exist that would make their press more diverse than a USA with only Fox News to compete with the alphabet soup of “mainstream” media that repeats Obama Democrat talking points in between ads for Viagra and AFLAC, 24/7.

Now comes Stalin’s KGB successor:

President Vladimir Putin tightened his control over Russia’s media on Monday by dissolving the main state news agency and replacing it with an organization that is to promote Moscow’s image abroad.

The move to abolish RIA Novosti and create a news agency to be known as Rossiya Segodnya is the second in two weeks strengthening Putin’s hold on the media as he tries to reassert his authority after protests against his rule.

Most Russian media outlets are already loyal to Putin, and opponents get little air time, but the shake-up underlined their importance to Putin keeping power and the Kremlin’s concern about the president’s ratings and image.

The head of the new agency, to be built from the ashes of RIA Novosti, is a conservative news anchor, Dmitry Kiselyov, who once caused outrage by saying the organs of homosexuals should not be used in transplants.

“The main focus of … Rossiya Segodnya (Russia Today) is to highlight abroad the state policy and public life of the Russian Federation,” said a decree signed by Putin.

One nation, one opinion. The American press must envy Putin.

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