PRINCE HOPE-N-CHANGE (an excerpt from the book of Politically Incorrect Fables)

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Once upon a tiHopenchange on unicornme, just before a national election, a dark cloud of economic disaster loomed over a country of decent and hard-working people. Terrified of losing jobs, homes, and savings, everyone tossed and turned at night, unable to sleep. But then, TAH! DAH! Along came Prince Hope-n-change, sword of righteousness in one hand, teleprompter in the other.

During his presidential campaign, Prince Hope-n-change double pinky promised to set the country back onto the path of prosperity leading to “happily ever after.” His lofty spObama chosen oneeeches of hope ‘n change cast a spell over the multitudes, who became lost in their dreams of a better tomorrow. Seduced by his charming smile, adorable Dumbo ears, and lovely wife (who’d suddenly become proud of her country for the first time in her life), lame-stream media anointed him as the “chosen one.”

And so it came to be that Prince Hope-n-change became president of the greatest country in the world. He immediately opened the White Castle doors to his chosen ones: Obama happy tears constitutionpolitical cronies, radical advisors, home-town thugs, union bosses, basketball pals, liberal college professors, lobbyists, community organizers, secular socialists, atheists, and a communist or two. They all hungered for the power and control that would come their way when they totally destroyed the Constitution and fundamentally transformed America.

Molli Nickell writes commentary for TheBlaze and posts additional fables at her webside:
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