Obamacare delays deny dying-patient known cure: Repeal

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RepealWilliam F. Buckley famously chided liberal Democrats for trying to re-invent the world each day, including human nature, while describing a main difference between them and the right: After 5000 years of human history, conservatives have reached some conclusions.

We know that taxes and regulations will produce less of what is taxed and regulated. We know that actual human beings respond to financial incentives and that a capitalistic free market coerces morality in sellers that want to make a second sale. When government distorts markets with non-financial incentives, systems break down, but government seeks to preserve its perverse incentives and power, rather than fixing actual problems.

Witness the latest “delay” of Obamacare mandates that seek to extend the life of Obamacare, but not cure actual patients seeking health care or heal the health care and health insurance industries:

Americans whose health plans are being canceled because their coverage doesn’t meet Obamacare rules will be exempt from the mandate that they carry insurance, under a change announced by the Obama administration.

Officials estimated the change will affect fewer than 500,000 people as a Dec. 23 deadline looms to purchase health policies to be eligible for coverage beginning Jan. 1. People losing coverage also will be eligible to buy high-deductible “catastrophic” insurance the law usually limits to those younger than age 30.

Insurers warned that the new exemptions, which would last a year and potentially longer for consumers granted hardship exceptions, risk destabilizing the new marketplaces if younger, healthier people who now carry cheap policies opt out of buying replacement coverage.

Obamacare’s chances of survival, or some other more comprehensive government-run health care system, are increased exponentially if the private health insurance industry is severely contracted or eliminated. Much as if President Barack Obama and his EPA Axis win their War on Coal, demand for wood burning stoves, rubbing hands together and huddling with neighbors in subsidized government housing will rise.

We know the cure for Obamacare. Repeal.

G. Sand Lapper

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