If Obama turns around 2nd term woes, woe is America

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obama haloAccording to most of the main stream media, including Fox News, the most important aspect of any event, issue or circumstance in America and the world is how it effects the popularity and resulting political power of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Homeless, hungry, uninsured and/or grieving the loss of loved-ones killed in Benghazi and need cheering up?

Then just tune your TV to MSNBC, of if homeless visit an airport and watch CNN, until a liberal taking head repeats the latest White House talking point spinning Obamacare as “working” or wait for pictures of a shirtless Barack on the beach in the Aloha State.

Now, don’t the leftovers taste better?

If not, see if you can stomach this:

President Obama has assured, or was it threatened, Americans that as long as he is president, Obamacare will not be repealed. There will be no tax cuts or reduction of regulations waging war on coal and cheap energy generally. Ethanol subsidies will still make food cost more and illegal aliens will compete for your jobs so long as they aren’t convicted of at least two murders. And don’t forget how much better being underemployed will feel knowing that at least half of every remaining year of Obama’s second term will be focused like a laser beam on making sure gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders will not be offended.

Too bad Michelle’s husband can’t run for a third term…

G. Sand Lapper

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