Did Obama imply U.S. Founders were communist?

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Posted on December 13, 2013 by Conservative Byte
Such delusions are why liberals never seem to get it.
Check it out:
When it came to covering the Nelson Mandela memorial, most commentators focused on President Obama’s tacky “selfie” or his handshake with Castro. Dr. Savage, however, was more concerned about Obama’s speech, in which he compared Mandela to America’s Founding Fathers.

“That’s like saying our Founding Fathers were communists,” said Savage. After all, “Mandela was a member of the Communist Party who supported the murderous dictatorship in Cuba” and other far left regimes.
Dr. Savage is an expert on natural healing who doesn’t hesitate to criticize modern medicine when he feels it’s appropriate. In the case of the flu shot, he’s against it, telling his audience that we can reduce our chances of coming down with such illness by practicing simple common sense hygiene, like regular hand washing with soap and water.

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