MSNBC hides Sabrina Stevens Progressive ties


News show fails to identify ‘education activist’ as teacher union enthusiast

NEW YORK – Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes hosted a segment on PISA 13, an international assessment given to 15 year olds around the world.

Sabrina StevensThe guest panel during the segment included American Federation of Teachers President Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten, New Jersey reformer Derrell Bradford and an “education activist” by the name of Sabrina Stevens.

Weingarten didn’t require a long introduction and Bradford was clearly identified by his organization’s name and his work with Gov. Chris Christie and the state charter board, Alexander Russo reports.

Meanwhile, Stevens was only identified as an “education activist.”

What the show failed to mention, was that Stevens was until recently an AFT communications staffer, and had worked for the Denver teachers union before coming to the AFT.

Russo reports that Stevens recently left AFT to launch a new progressive education advocacy organization that’s describing itself as “a marketing department for progressive education – a campaign that never stops.”

When Russo began to research and question this new progressive organization, AFT and Stevens immediately became defensive.

This leads to several different questions: Why was Stevens only identified as an “education activist”? Why didn’t anyone properly identify her or mention her new organization?

It’s only a matter of time before Stevens and her new mysterious organization are exposed to the public.

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