New Christmas toy craze worthy of Obamanomics jobs depression

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kendamasJust back from from filing your 15th application at the closest McDonald’s since Barack Obama was first inaugurated, but for only the first time in the past six months so that you weren’t even counted among last month’s officially “unemployed”? Can’t even afford stockings to put over the wood-less-fireplace and own no hole-less socks?

Maybe necessity is the mother of invention including cheap and simple Christmas gifts.

This South Carolina Gamecock ventured to the Wal-Mart closest to our Stone Mountain of Georgia roost and found this year’s version of the pet rock and Cabbage Patch dolls for as low as $19.99 (plus Obamacare tax). But we earlier found some string, small balls, un-burned wood and a knife and remember how Jed Clampett whittled on The Beverly Hillbillies so our Christmas list will soon be filled.

Not sure if we have been “good” this year but given that we are cold and that a lump of coal is Santa’s gift for the naughty, we don’t dread Christmas Eve or morning.

Enter Kendamas 2013, no batteries required:


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