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Why so many last-minute purchases, late Christmas deliveries?


empty wallet-3Could it be because so many Americans are unemployed, underemployed and have less disposable income due to record energy prices, near record food prices? Were wallets just too empty to make Christmas gift purchases sooner. We think so.

The Friday after Thanksgiving hasn’t been “Black” thus marking the day retail businesses finally ensured profits for a year since President Barack Obama took the oath of office. JoeForAmerica reported that those same businesses were desperate for customers as late as Christmas Eve this year to try and finally get out of the “red” for 2013.

Now comes word that many Americans had to wait until the last-minute for bargains to be able to afford gifts for loved ones:

Could it also be that companies wracked by Obamacare hadn’t their usual larger workforce to handle last-minute deliveries? Very likely. This is life in the Age of Obama, Obamanomics and Obamacare.

G. Sand Lapper


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