Man with gun robs passengers on a Seattle bus, until…


Man with gun meets the wrong guy.

This is a surveillance video taken on a Seattle bus in November. As the video begins, note the man with gun at the top of the video, robbing people. He moves down the bus doing his biness and then he accosts the gentleman on the right who is looking at his phone.

All hell breaks loose.

The nerdy guy with phone didn’t hesitate. He acted immediately and took the bad guy down. It’s too bad this happened in Seattle and not in Phoenix. In Phoenix, we carry and it’s a good bet that in a crowd that size there will be more than one “good guy with a gun”.

The bad guy was arrested, he pleaded not guilty on Monday to robbery charges and is jailed with bail set at $350,000.

The video shows the robber taking phones before pointing his gun in the face of one man who pushes it away and fights back. Other passengers jump in and subdue the man. Usually, all it takes is one person to stand and fight and the odds swing dramatically in favor of the good guys. Remember Flight 93.

Oh, and the perp? Trevonnte Brown. Needless to say, if Barack had two sons…

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