Latest defense of Obama lies: They all lie… except they don’t

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obama liesThe Democrats latest excuse for Obamacare website and policy cancellation-woes, i.e. that the Republicans are “rooting for failure” (which we dispensed with yesterday here at has a sick second cousin that we suspect is related to the Democrat Party-imposed “Bush-Lied” Era, which began within 72 hours after the invasion of Iraq when the area between Baghdad and the Persian Gulf didn’t immediately become Connecticut in the Middle East.

President Bill Clinton had relied upon the same WMD-intel before he launched the Desert Fox-bombing of Saddam Hussein that President George W. Bush (and most Democrats in Congress relied upon and voted for) when the nation went to war against Hussein’s regime after 9/11. Of course Saddam had used WMD in the past, was firing on our planes enforcing the no-fly zone under the First Gulf War ceasefire and was rewarding the parents of suicide bombers on TV.

The biggest lie during the Bush years was the Democrats’ claim that Bush lied.

Enter the other Hussein who promised a new era in American politics of Hope & Change. This man’s Stimulus and Obamacare words you could take to the bank. President B. Hussein Obama said if you would “quickly pass” his Economic Recovery Act, unemployment would never hit 8%. Ok, it stayed over 10% for nearly a year. S**t happens. But his “If-you-like-your-insurance-plan-you-can-keep-it”, that one was as if from a Messiah. Oh well, never mind, but Obamacare is for your own good, so eat your broccoli and remember, “They all lie”? Not sure if the former editor of ESPN the Magazine has information concerning a certain felled cherry tree and the Father of our Country, but he is ready with an axe to chop down any criticism of The One:

This is what Democrats have to resort to given the coincidence of the just-re-elected President being caught in such an epic lie that hurts people so soon after re-election and with more than three years to go as things will get inevitably worse.

Stay tuned for the “Else did it” and other childish excuses before Christmas, before which Santa will surely decide that Obama has been bad and gets a lump of coal not destroyed in his war on that industry in his stocking.

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