Krauthammer chides PBS while Obamavilles are popping up nationwide

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obamavilleUnlike the mob-like-factions of the Democratic Party whose back-scratching negotiations over policy positions unrelated to the general welfare of the United States take place mostly behind closed doors, the GOP has actual reason-based arguments over policy and tactics in public for We the People to see.

Republican Party machinations are, technically, “news”, but why doesn’t the Attention Deficit Disorder of the Democrat Media ever get stuck on stories about poverty in America so severe that tent cities of the homeless are popping up faster than policies cancelled due to Obamacare:

This evening I was asked to go to a homeless community in Greenville [S.C.] that you might have seen on TV recently. The media has dubbed it “Tent City.”  As we were trying to find “tent city,” I found myself warning those of all the negative aspects of dealing with the homeless, “Don’t wear any jewelry, look out for needles, stay close and don’t wonder off”, I recall saying. Throughout the last 18 years, I have dealt with the occasional homeless person. Some have been raging drunks, drug addicts, or mentally ill. Others have been just terribly down on their luck…Nothing in my past training or experience could have prepared me for what we were about to walk into.

Over 150 homeless individuals live under a bridge just a few feet from the railroad tracks. Most were in tents others were in crudely built plywood and tarp covered structures.

As I walked up to greet them, I made sure the ladies sat in their cars because, in my narrow mind, I was “protecting them from the evils of the homeless.”

The first person I saw was a sweet lady reading a book by a tent. She smiled pleasantly and asked, “What can I do for you?” When I explained what I was there for she said she would be happy to have her picture taken and began to tidy up around her tent, straightening out the tarp over the top of it.

The tarp kept the rain out when the wind blows it under the bridge she explained. I was shocked, even in conditions this terrible she still had the pride of a grandmother when company was coming by.

Our talk was quickly interrupted by a very stern voice asking me what I needed. That was when I turned to see the “Lt. Governor” of Tent City (I promise that is what everyone who lived there called him!) He was a gentleman in his late 50′s that was standing straight as a soldier looking me dead in the eye. When he spoke, heads popped out of tents and several people came out to see the intruder…

I asked the Lt. Governor what I could do to help. He didn’t say give me a pint of vodka or give me $20 dollars. His response was quick, “Give me a job” he explained that several years back he was in the Army where he learned to cook.

He had come home and worked in the same restaurant for years as a cook and after the restaurant went bankrupt he was out of work. He later lost his wife to sickness, and he was broke and alone and unable to find work. He then said he wasn’t sad or bitter he just wanted to work to “feel like a man again.”

More on the above in South Carolina here and here and New Jersey, here.

Charles Krauthammer chastises the Beltway “journalists” for only keeping journals on Republicans having a policy discussion, while ignoring the suffering in the nation, especially from Obamacare below. Many have been losing jobs and moving into tents for the past two years due to the anticipation of Obamacare’s mandates by employers unable to afford Obamacare-mandated “Cadillac” health insurance for full-time employees:

They were called Hoovervilles in the 1930s, Obamavilles in 2013.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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