Hunger Games – Ukraine Edition

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This Ukraine gal reminds me of Hunger Games. I know that the Hunger Games is about a future American regime, but the former soviet KGB Putin has already employed many of the same structures. He removed local elections and divided Russia into sectors that are governed by a manager of his choosing. He makes leaders of former soviet satellite countries offers they can’t refuse. Here is an excerpt from John Fund at NRO that amplifies this.

Protests against the decision of Ukrainian president Yanukovych to scrap a planned economic treaty with the European Union under pressure from Vladimir Putin’s Russia continue to grow. One reason may be support from Ruslana, a national pop star who won the 2004 Eurovision song contest and was the first artist coming out of the former Soviet Union to receive a platinum disc.

The London Times reports that Ruslana has lent not only her celebrity to the protesters but her hands and heart. She has been a constant presence at the protests wearing biker boots, black jeans, a fleece, and a large white fur hat with earflaps.

She said she had been up all night helping to build the barricades around Independence Square (in Kiev). At one point, she used her Mercedes to block an entrance point to protect protesters. . . . Two nights earlier, she helped to escort terrified students, bloodied by riot police who had chased them from the square, to sanctuary. One of them, who had a bad head wound, she took to hospital. . . .

Ruslana had this to say to The Times.

Now our authorities are behaving like mafia. Only bandits threaten their own people.

I hate politics. It’s the dirtiest thing in life.

Here is an excerpt of her bio at her website, and a video made about recent events in Ukraine.

Ruslana remains nothing if not original. She is exotically unique by constantly setting new trends using original, unusual and rarely heard ethnic sounds, blending the ancient styles and singing traditions of the Carpathian mountain people with modern pop music.

Besides her musical successes, social commitment has always been an affair of the heart for Ruslana. In autumn 2004 Ruslana actively supported the democratic processes in Ukraine known as the ‘Orange Revolution’. Providing a voice for the people, Ruslana was an outspoken member of the Ukrainian Parliament from spring 2006 to summer 2007.

Despite her new found success and constant touring, Ruslana has always managed to find time to support those less fortunate. She has staged numerous charity concerts benefiting Children’s hospitals in Kiev, L’viv and Dnepropetrovsk and in the spring of 2007, Ruslana joined artists from 14 different countries in a major charity tour across Germany. The tour, organized by noted rock vocalist Peter Maffay, performed in fifteen cities raising funds to address urgent social issues.

The year before, Ruslana began working with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) on the global issue of human trafficking. Shortly thereafter, UNICEF appointed her Good Will Ambassador of Ukraine. This past February, Ego Works wrote and produced her song, “Not for Sale” which became the anthem of a new international campaign against human trafficking, initiated by UN.GIFT (The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking).

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