Homosexuals Organization Upset About Sex-Crazed Obamacare Ad


There is no point in describing this. Here it is. Highly offensive and gross.

The level of disgusting sleaziness should not surprise anyone who has been keeping track of how the Affordable Care Act has been promoted. But one homosexual advocacy group is outraged about the ad. According to the Washington Times:

A video advertisement released shortly before Christmas by Out2Enroll, which features four young buff men wearing tight underwear and not much else, drew an angry blast from the gay conservative organization Log Cabin Republicans.

“This cynical ad betrays the depths Obamacare advocates will sink to in order to pad their pathetic enrollment numbers,” Log Cabin Republicans executive director Gregory T. Angelo said in a statement.

Mr. Angelo urged President Obama to “distance himself from this nonsense and denounce it immediately,” saying that the campaign promotes “harmful stereotypes that gay men are nothing but sex-crazed lechers.”

At a time when left-wing propagandists are decrying Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for equating homosexuality with promiscuity and deviance, Out2Enroll and others should take a look in the mirror and ask if the truth is that they are the ones responsible for promoting such harmful stereotypes,” said Mr. Angelo.

The Log Cabin Republicans are “the only LGBT advocacy organization in the Obamacare Repeal Coalition,” according to the statement.

I am not sure how to interpret this. On the one hand, the ad does show homosexuals to be omnisexualized crazies. But is the problem that the ad spreads false stereotypes or that it reveals too much of the truth?

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