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homo3What we used to say when we were little kids, instead of “Oh, no you don’t!” We just thought it was funny and it was one of the millions of ways to give your friends crap to show friendship, display bravado, or just goof around like all kids do.

We’ve sure have come a long way:

Today, a little kid would be kicked out of school, forced into therapy, placed on a list of sexual predators, his parents investigated, be condemned and castigated by the media and have a permanent, negative file which will follow the child for who knows how long or where.

Would this affect his ability to make a living later in life or to get into college? Will he have a red flag at the NSA, the IRS, or perhaps the good folks at ObamaCare? After all, the child is clearly sick if he would feel the urge to use the phrase, “homo, you don’t!” wouldn’t he?

A quick home inspection by agents might easily find a Veteran, a Christian, a conservative, an NRA baseball cap, some Tea Party literature, a couple episodes of Duck Dynasty on the DVR, or any number of indications the child has been exposed to the type of influence John Podesta describes as a “cult worthy of Jonestown.”

“Take him away, boys.. Stick him in there with Phil…”

homoWell, I say; “Homo, you don’t!” – Because I’ve had it.

When did we start taking away people’s ability to make a living – to feed their families and live their lives the way they want to – all because they had the temerity to express their opinion based on the tenets of their faith? You gotta be tolerant! WE don’t have to be tolerant, but by god – sorry, by gay  – YOU DO!

I feel sorry for some of my gay friends that want to live their lives in peace. These militant gay groups are creating hardships for gays that don’t want to be a poster boy for their movement. Phil didn’t set out to spread hate, he stated an opinion…

It’s no different than the lack of tolerance shown to the majority of Americans on the subject of gay marriage. First of all, there is no such thing as “gay marriage.” Sorry, but marriage is one thing. If it was another thing, it would be called something like “civil unions” or “Crisco Party” or whatever. Anyone who believes President Obama’s call for “equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation” – was just him “evolving” is a fool and will believe anything. Democrats recently ran en mass on the definition of marriage being between one man and one woman and only changed their tune when giant piles of campaign cash came their way.

gay waterIf you’re saying traditional marriage is discriminatory – then consider this: So-called; “gay marriage” law does not end ‘discrimination’ at all. It doesn’t provide ‘equal access to marriage’ for everyone – just gay people. It only defines a new set of people to discriminate against. Now gays are the bigots! How does it feel you haters? You big bunch of sissy bigots! You want gay marriage? Homo, you don’t – what do you have against consenting adult polygamists? They have the right to love one another… and another… and another… and, well you get the point.

I won the men’s all-around.. and the Decathlon.

Here’s the BL: 96% of Americans identify themselves as straight, or as we straight people say when we’re not fearing the loss of our jobs; “normal.” Less than 4% say they aren’t, but for the sake of not having to debate a ridiculous point – let’s say 10% are either: homosexual males, lesbian, transgender, Dennis Rodman, bisexual, Scientologists, transsexual, attracted to Bruce Jenner, polygamists, pedophiles (what – you’re going to discriminate?), polyandrists (one woman with multiple men), A-sexuals, or Huma Abedin..

Did I leave anyone out?

“It’s good!”

The rest of us men prefer a beautiful, natural woman to another man – “a vagina to an anus” as a wise man once said. This was just before an unwise network – perfectly willing to make millions off god-fearing Christians as long as they don’t openly state what they actually believe in – took him off the air for doing just that.

By the way, “homophobic” and “homosexuality” have the word, “homo” in them. Just sayin’. Don’t fire me.

You see, A&E had no idea Phil was into the Bible when they were making all those Brink’s Truck trips to the bank from airing; “Duck Dynasty.” They were shocked; shocked I say when Phil ambushed them with that GQ Mag interview where his Christian beliefs on gay came out. They had no choice but to let him go, you know. The people who let Phil and his hate slip through the cracks have been reprimanded, no doubt.

Rumor has it an A&E executive was even fired for yelling; “Homo, you don’t!”..

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