Hawaii exports homeless to tiny Occupy Madison trailers?

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OccupyMadisonTinyHome2Finally, an Occupy movement famous for trespassing and vandalizing on public property and outside banks in between baths, spawns a more constructive (if only 96-square-feet worth), if unconventional, enclave that has badgered the City of Madison, Wisconsin to re-zone areas for 48-hour-at-a-time parking of trailer-mounted-cottages:

For many couples, the thought of living together in a 96-square-foot house sounds awful. But for Chris Derrick and Betty Ybarra, it’s a Christmas miracle. That’s because Derrick and Ybarra have spent the better part of a year braving Madison, Wisconsin’s often-harsh climate without a roof over their head. They’ll spend this Christmas in their own home, thanks to more than 50 volunteers with Occupy Madison, a local Wisconsin version of the original Occupy Wall Street group in New York. The group, including Derrick and Ybarra, spent the past year on an innovative and audacious plan to fight inequality in the state’s capital: build tiny homes for the homeless…

The “Tiny House Project”…for volunteers to build micro-homes that still include living necessities like a bed, insulation, and a toilet. The homes are heated via propane and include a pole-mounted solar panel to power the house’s light. The total cost: $3,000, paid for by private donations.

Rather than building the homes on a particular lot of land — and thus adding another expense — the houses are mounted on trailers which can be legally parked on the street, as long as they’re moved every 48 hours. Parking on the street may not even be necessary after Occupy organizers successfully convinced the Madison Common Council recently to change the city’s zoning laws so the homes could be parked on private property with permission.

As Occupy Madison continues to build more tiny houses, it hopes to eventually buy a plot of land and create a tiny village with as many as 30 homes.

In the Age of record homelessness under President Barack Obama, rather than allow free people to engage in less-government-fettered and taxed pursuits of happiness (thus facilitating the creation of full-time jobs that pay enough for the would-be homeless to rent or buy living quarters larger than those provided to at state penitentiaries); American ingenuity has been driven to box up families behind pick-up trucks.

Other examples of the myth of liberal compassion that contributes to the suffering are the Aloha State’s policy of paying for airline tickets to fly their homeless to more friendly skies in the Lower Forty-Eight, and anti-global warming myths that would increase the chance that the former Hawaiian-homeless die of hypothermia or frost bite:

In that context, Occupy is constructively addressing this great jobs depression as did those that constructed Hoovervilles during the 1930s version.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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