Duck Dynasty, Pajama Boy, and proof that Obama is now 100% Caucasian

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President Obama is now officially 100% Caucasian.

No self-respecting black man would sanction that healthcare rap video.

The man has the NSA tapping into all of our lives. Couldn’t one person get him a phone number for Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre or somebody else with talent? Even Vanilla Ice is laughing at this effort. “Rolling, out version 5.0, site’s a disaster, it just won’t go.”

Knowing liberals they will give the song a Grammy.

Since Snoop Dogg briefly changed his name to Snoop Lion, President Obama can combine the NSA and healthcare scandals by renaming himself Snoop Lyin’. When people accuse him of stealing the name, h can always lie about it.

A further analysis of Obama shows that he is 50% white, 50% black, and 100% insincere.

Obama’s remarks to the nation showed his deep commitment for being able to spin straw into gold, failure into success, but not canceled plans into affordable healthcare. He is granting hardship exemptions from Obamacare based on certain criteria. Due to his failures, anybody living in America has experienced hardship living under his rule.

However, he still waves better to a crowd better than anyone except the Queen of England. Based on the rap video for Obamacare, he and his lookalike are also more feminine.

After his remarks, rapping Barry boarded Air Force one for yet another vacation. He wished Christian America a Merry Christmas, all black Jews a Happy Chaka Khan, the atheists a Happy Winter Solstice, the Mayans a Happy End of Days, and a Happy Barackulous Almightous to himself.

The plane took off safely, the only thing involving him that has not crashed and burned.

His lookalike in the rap video will go back to his day job of being the compensated illicit lover of Pajama Boy.

Like Obama, Pajama Boy is 100% Caucasian and 100% metrosexual.

If Pajama Boy start rapping about healthcare, the Duck Dynasty guys will be instructed to hunt him.

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