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Dem mayor fasts for amnesty, citizens fast due to amnesty


amnestyChicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s fast is voluntary. Americans in poverty with or without food stamps have regularly been forced to fast involuntarily over the past five years of Obamanomics (that Emanuel helped get passed while President Barack Obama’s chief of staff) in order to pay for shelter and other necessities.

Of course, had the border been secured and so many illegal aliens not already been granted de facto amnesty over the past three decades there would be more jobs at higher wages available for citizens which would make so many involuntary, poverty-driven fasts unnecessary. Liberal Democrats must take many welfare-dependent citizen voters for granted when they feel no compunction against openly fasting in support of amnesty for future dependents and Democrat voters to whom our nation’s wealth must be spread.

Hiz Honor:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to fast for 24 hours beginning later Thursday in support of the push for immigration reform, saying “we are sending a clear message to Congress that the time is now.”

Emanuel was in Washington, D.C., Thursday to join in a panel discussion on closing the so-called workforce skills gap and how to get training to those who need it.

But he announced plans to return to Chicago to join in a 24-hour fast in support of those who’ve been fasting on the National Mall in the nation’s capital since November. That group supports the Dream Act and other attempts at immigration reform.

Emanuel was scheduled to join aldermen in the protest fast, starting with the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass at St. Pius Church, 1919 S. Ashland Ave., in Pilsen at 7:15 p.m.

Funny he never fasts until black-on-black crime in his Murder City comes down. Guess he’s too busy defending his city’s draconian and unconstitutional gun control laws:

DeVine Law


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