The days after Pearl Harbor: America didn’t apologize

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BRITAIN-FINANCE-ECONOMY-G20Yesterday marked the seventy-first anniversary of the day, December 7, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said would “live in infamy”. Today is the 71st anniversary of the day America resolved itself to complete and total victory over the Empire of Japan through to their unconditional surrender. On December 11, 1941, the United States would also declare war against the Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Unlike some on the left within days of a similar attack on America after September 11, 2001, Americans didn’t obsess over why, the “Japs” that attacked Pearl nor “Krauts” that attacked American ships with U-boats, hated us. They didn’t hire a PC Police to suppress speech that might offend our enemies and neither FDR nor Vice President and later President Harry S. Truman went on apology tours.

Thankfully after the first Pearl Harbor Day and 9/11, America had Commanders in Chief dedicated to protecting the nation they loved. Sadly, after the towers fell, President George W. Bush would have to do so while being falsely accused of lying us into war by Democrats who voted to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq and whose predecessor in office, President Bill Clinton had justified his late 1990s Desert Fox bombing of Saddam Hussein’s regime in reliance upon the same WMD-intel.

Then-Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would even go so far as to vote to de-fund the troops in both war theaters  during the Bush second term. So much for partisan politics stopping at the water’s edge or that Democrats, who make the apples and oranges argument against Republicans over Obamacare, didn’t “root for failure” by the armed forces of the United States against foreign enemies.

Then, as promised, when a war and housing-bust weary public turned over national security to Democrats promising surrender, they promptly re-established diplomatic relations with the terror-regime in Syria they dubbed a “reformer”, turned Egypt and Libya over to radical Islamists, appeased Iran and Russia, left no footprint in Iraq and promised a 2014 date certain withdrawal in Afghanistan.

But yes, Usama bin Laden is dead.

After Pearl, Democrats and Republicans were united and remained so through to victory. Today, only Republicans (and former Democrats-turned-Independent named Joe Lieberman) can be trusted with national security.

President Bush kept us safe after 9/11 without changing the nature of civil liberties in the United States. Sadly, the Obama administration has abused Americans’ privacy via Attorney General Eric Holder’s DOJ, Lois Lerner’s IRS and the NSA while also leaving Americans less safe at Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon in addition to near misses elsewhere across the Fruited Plain.

Abroad, America is in retreat from its allies in Israel and Japan while appeasing Iran, Russia and China. The arsenal of Democracy that FDR built and that President Ronald Reagan and then President Bush re-built has been greatly reduced by President Obama and the Democrats both before the sequester and since. Weakness is again inviting aggression from America’s enemies.

Today, we remember the fallen at Pearl, but more Americans need to remember what America did after Pearl and 9/11 to keep us safe and insist that the Democratic Party once again commit itself to a military second to none or be denied the reins of power:

God bless America!

Mike DeVine‘s @ Joe For

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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