Cyber Monday Breaking News: Obamacare paper apps ready

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cyber mondayThank God we elected and re-elected a young, hip liberal Democrat president from the party of science…not.

I’m thinking Bain Capital, the Salt Lake City Olympics and dare I say even RomneyCare in the Bay State were light years ahead of this Chicago mob of Barack Hussein Obama and Valerie Jarrett and the Kansas gun moll, Kathleen Sebelius they hired to oversee the robbing of policies people liked and murder of the private health insurance industry in this country, if not quality health care itself:

There’s so much fresh, terrible news about Obamacare to report that I’m not sure how to squeeze it all into a single post without it getting too unwieldy. Solution: Serve up one post about the implementation trainwreck here, followed by a piece on premium shock, layoffs, and other failures tomorrow morning. Sound good? Okay, let’s go. Up first, the law’s administrators are resorting to an anachronism, paper applications, in a desperate attempt to enroll consumers. Obamacare’s exchanges were breathlessly billed as — ahem, “simple and user-friendly” — Travelocity-style websites for healthcare.

Honestly, if the substance of Obamacare were, as billed: the answer to the budget deficit, a boost to the economy, insured the uninsured, lowered premiums for all and allowed everyone to keep policies and doctors they liked; Americans would be willing to fill out applications for coverage with hammers and chisels on stone tablets.

But of course, Obamacare Utopia was always a fictitious place meant to lure voters into giving the Democratic Party mob power over their lives and permanent dependency on government and hence, the party of government. Enjoy, and btw, must N0. 2 pencils be used so that the government can erase what they don’t like?

Cyber Monday becomes The Flintstones.

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