Critters and More in places they don’t belong…

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Ever see a picture of someone or something in some place and wonder “HOW did they get in there?” Well, these will definitely have you asking yourself that question. ESPECIALLY the last one!
Mail Attachment-1

How’d the doggie EVER get up there?

Mail Attachment-2

Guess he picked a bad spot to relax…

Mail Attachment-3

Kitty should use the door!

Mail Attachment-4

Uh-oh… That’s what happens when you put your head where it doesn’t belong!

Mail Attachment-5

Oh, that first step must have been a doozie!


Mail Attachment-6

Perhaps he’s drunk…

Mail Attachment-7

He just wanted a better view…

Mail Attachment-10

Rammed the wrong seat this time!

Mail Attachment-11

Excuse me Mr Crust… Do you mind?

Mail Attachment-14

Not sure what to think…

Mail Attachment-19

Picked the wrong mudhole to waller in!

Mail Attachment-20


So much for a squirrel and rodent proof bird feeder!

Mail Attachment-21

Well, well, well… Little Donkey that was too deep a subject!

Mail Attachment-23


How did he manage that?!

Mail Attachment-24

Please, no comments. Just take this thing off…

Mail Attachment-30

Scuse me sir, did you know there is an Australian mammal in your grill?

Mail Attachment-37


He was just hanging around

Mail Attachment-41

Needed that last drop!

Mail Attachment-38

Still not quite sure how he got in there!!

No animals were harmed and are all safe and sound. The country and the US citizens are another matter.

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