Cop tickets a man for washing his car in his driveway


In New York, on Long Island, it’s obvious that this cop has nothing to do.

A man is getting ready to wash his car, it’s sitting in his driveway. Apparently one of his neighbors doesn’t like him much so the neighbor called the police. An officer shows up and tells him, among other things, that he can’t wash his car in public view.

We’ve got some issues with this.

First, we’re glad we don’t live on Long Island for a number of reasons aside from the fact that it’s going to be 70 today at our house.

Next, apparently the “Nanny Virus” that has infected Bloomberg’s New York City has made its way up to Long Island. Since when is washing a car in your driveway a public nuisance?

Then there’s the cops. They have nothing better to do than write tickets for this crap? If that’s really the case it’s time Long Island laid off some cops.

And finally, the neighbor. He’s a jerk.

Time for another cup of coffee.

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