Common Core Architect’s Ties to Bill Ayers

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I learned a couple of new things about the architect of the Common Core, David Coleman, last week and I wanted to share it with my readers.

I’ve already talked about Coleman and his laughable education background, i.e.; he has none. Many people against the Common Core, no matter what reason they are against it, do not like this man. He seems pompous, arrogant, and like a little man who hides behind huge education policy changes and rubs his hands together and laughs that villain laugh…muahahaha.

Let’s look at one of the things I’ve recently found. There are some strings between him and the notorious Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers. EAG news reported on this connection and Stop Common Core in Illinois picked it up. Here is an explanation as to how Coleman and Ayers are connected.

“Prior to Student Achievement Partners, Coleman and Zimba were co-founders of the Grow Network (now owned by McGraw-Hill Company). Grow Network began as a pilot program in New York in 2000. Less than a year later, the Chicago Public Education Fund began negotiating a contract with Grow Network on behalf of Chicago Public Schools.

The Chicago Public Education Fund (‘The Fund’) was created in 1998 by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) board of directors, which included Barack Obama as board chairman and communist Bill Ayers, as co-chair.”

Stunned? I’m guessing you’re not. I’m not either. We’ve uncovered too many nefarious things underneath the Common Core layers to be shocked by much anymore. This connection is certainly not surprising and, frankly, only seems fitting, as our very own Commander-in-Chief pals around with the likes of Bill Ayers.  Don’t forget that Obama announced his candidacy for senator of Illinois in Ayers home in 1995. And make no mistake, where a candidate decides to announce is an extremely important part of the equation. It says a lot about the candidate.

Let me also point out that the Chicago Annenberg Challenge funneled money to ACORN. Because, you know, connection with a terrorist isn’t bad enough. I digress; this story isn’t about the fraudulent dealings of president Obama’s pals–it’s about the connection between Ayers and Coleman.

Do you feel comfortable knowing that not only did a man who has no educational background whatsoever created the “content” of what your child should know by the time he or she graduates from college?  Or do you feel comfortable knowing that that man has ties to a terrorist? I know; it’s like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game. The Degrees of Separation game tries to say that a person is never more than 6 people removed from Kevin Bacon. In this case, though, it’s degrees of separation from Ayers.

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