Christie was finished before discovering his inner Cuomo

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taft-christieBut Mike, what of the gay pride-parade, radical Islamist-judges and Hurricane Sandy-Obama-suck-up votes in 2016?

Even before his latest slap at a GOP he claims to be a member of (and from whom he accepts campaign aid) it was hard to erect the police crime scene-tape around New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and say: “Move along. There’s nothing to see here.”

Yes, he has been tough on unions in the Garden State and if he were twice the size but only half as conservative as former President William Howard Taft, this tea partier conservative Republican might have been able to overlook his throwing of Mitt Romney under the Jersey Turnpike in order to beg Dear Obama Leader for disaster relief just before the 2016 election, but when it comes to penitential love for the son of St. Mario the Pious…:

Gov. Chris Christie’s “bizarre behavior’’ in refusing to say he’ll support a possible GOP challenger to Gov. Cuomo next year could derail his chances to become president, state and national GOP insiders have told The Post.

“Christie already has a problem with many Republicans refusing to forgive him because of his embrace of [President] Obama and his socially liberal policies,’’ said a nationally prominent GOP operative. “But this bizarre behavior in suggesting he won’t help a Republican defeat a Democratic governor, and a Cuomo no less, could finish off his chances of becoming his party’s nominee for president in 2016,’’ the operative continued. Cuomo claimed last week that Christie, the new head of the Republican Governors Association — an organization whose purpose is to elect GOP governors — had quickly called him to say The Post was wrong in reporting the New Jersey governor was ready to back Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, should he become the Republican nominee for governor next year.

“I spoke to Gov. Christie this morning, who told me the exact opposite,’’ Cuomo contended in reference to last week’s “Inside Albany” column.

But Christie spokesman Colin Reed refused to confirm Cuomo’s claim, referring questions to Christie political consultant and longtime GOP operative Mike DuHaime, who likewise refused to comment…

“Cuomo has put Christie in a really difficult position,’’ said a prominent GOP operative.

Difficult position? To call a Democrat a liar is a redundancy, but it’s not, technically, difficult.

But it may be news to the MSM and Northeastern press generally that love for Chris Christie within the GOP is quite a small sliver. His liberal positions on social issues, as well as his appointment of Sharia-loving Muslims to the bench and trying to pass them off as mainstream moderates, had already made him anathema for conservatives.

Yes, he touts his work to make New Jersey more business-friendly, and therein may lie his love for Governor Andrew Cuomo, for if it weren’t for the Empire State, the garden for business that is Christie’s realm would be ranked dead last:

Seven of the 10 worst states in terms of business tax climate are run by Democrat governors while seven of the 10 best business tax climate states are headed by Republican governors, according to data from the Tax Foundation.

New Jersey, among the worst and ranked 49th, is headed by GOP Governor Chris Christie, who is often named as a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate.  In 50th place is New York, headed by Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, also a potential 2016 candidate.

What is bizarre behavior is that some Republicans think Christie is a serious threat to win the GOP presidential nomination. Christie is no Taft!

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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