Cavuto video: Mr. President, you are the liar; not Fox News

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obama liarPresidents are hired help. The office deserves respect as such, but temporary occupants must earn it. President Barack Obama, like any Democrat, gets treated as if he were a God by most of the liberal media. The one and only regular exception to that circumstance on television is Fox News Channel.

President Obama has regularly lashed out at Fox throughout his presidency, and given his near record low since approval ratings of late since he was found out to be Pinocchio after we all discovered that Obamacare would not allow us to keep insurance policies and doctors we like, the attacks have gotten more severe.

Finally, a competent, honest, fair and balanced reporter decided that balance didn’t require continual turning of the other cheek to the Liar-in-Chief who thinks the job of the press is to run interference for his failures. Enjoy:

G. Sand Lapper, thinks Neil Cavuto said it all. Bravo!

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