Cause & Effect Deficient

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cause-and-effect-300x217A recent conversation with my mother got me to thinking about something that I have long realized; that liberals seem to live in their own sense of reality based on emotion, not logic. I have often wondered what the reason for that is. The conversation with my mother, a fiscal conservative, was actually about a conversation she had with one of her neighbors, a card carrying, Obama voting, big government loving California democrat.

They live in a nice small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. A traditionally conservative area suffering from a recent influx of aging former hippies who are now retired. These former hippies are moving to this area from the democrat controlled larger cities in the valley below, the cities where they voted for the democrats in charge.

The conversation was started by my mother’s neighbor who mentioned that she was seriously considering moving out of California, to someplace like Idaho or possibly Texas. My mother was taken aback, and asked why she would consider to moving to such conservative places. The neighbor replied because the cost of living and the taxes are too high here in California. At hearing this, my mother, being much more reserved than I, was speechless.

That woman’s inability to link the cause (voting for more taxes, more government spending, bigger government) to the effect (higher cost of living, higher taxes) convinced me that in order to be a liberal, one must have some sort of “Cause & Effect Deficiency”. She voted for tax increases, for bigger government, for everything that adds to a higher cost of living, and then wants to move because the cost of living is so high… What must go on in one’s brain to be unable to link those two so inextricably linked items?

The more I thought about that deficiency, the more I saw how it relates to so many other liberal themes. Rather than push for safer sex practices, let’s push for more abortions, later term abortions, abortions for teenagers without parental consent, abortion pills distributed in school. Rather than make policies (or call me crazy, reduce policies) that would allow businesses more room to grow thus driving up the need for employees, thus lowering the unemployment level, they vote for bigger government and more government control, which stifles private enterprise or just plain runs them out of business, increasing unemployment.  Rather than make the recipients of government handouts (unemployment, welfare, SSI, etc.) do something to earn that money (there are plenty of things they can do to benefit their neighborhoods), instead they vote to pay those perfectly capable people to sit at home on their asses and collect a check, and that example causes them to raise generations of people who do the same exactly thing.

What kind of logic process does it take to vote for a man that utters things like “Unemployment insurance is one of the most effective means to boost the economy. When people have more money to spend, it means more customers for their businesses, and ultimately more jobs.”?

Let me say this, we ALL want lower unemployment. No one wants people to be homeless, hungry, sick without healthcare, etc. But wishing those things did not exist, and voting for expensive programs that do nothing but burn billions of tax dollars without any signs of positive results, is just ignorant.

To steal a phrase from Mike Rowe, the liberals are “profoundly disconnected”. There really is no other way to explain their ability to ignore the cause and effect relationships between their vote and results of that vote. Perhaps I should try and get a government grant to study this phenomenon. Clearly, doing so would slow global warming (sorry, “climate change”), help the economy, stop the jobless growth, bring peace to the middle east and end world hunger.

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