Can’t keep your doctor? This poor guy can’t even keep his seeing eye dog!

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Orlando is a seeing eye dog. Orlando is also a hero.

seeing eye dog“The dog saved my life,” Cecil Williams, a 61-year-old resident of New York City, told the Associated Press from his hospital bed.

Williams began to faint while standing on the subway platform on Tuesday morning, at which point his dog, Orlando, reportedly made an effort to hold him up and stop him from tumbling onto the tracks. When Williams did fall on the tracks, Orlando leapt down and tried to make Williams move.

Witnesses said Orlando would not leave Williams’ side, even with a train quickly approaching. When the train arrived, Williams and Orlando managed to lay beneath it, avoiding death.

The cynical old Curmudgeon got this far, and while wiping away a tear at the heroics of Orlando – we are hard core dog people, cats are “the other white meat” – we took a breath and said “so what”?

Well, here’s what.

At nearly 11 years old, Orlando is approaching the retirement age for seeing eye dogs, and Williams said he will have to put the dog up for adoption since his health insurance will no longer cover the cost. Williams said he would “definitely keep” Orlando if he had the money.

We’re a family site, you’ll just have to guess at our commentary stream upon reading that.

We’re sure Mr. Williams has the important coverage that the Imperial President knows he needs, because the Imperial President is a Know-Better. If only Mr. Williams needed birth control, a mammogram, or an abortion.

Could Mr. Williams appeal the heartless decision of his insurance company (they’re definitely bad apples)? Well, probably not…

But then again that was about a little girl, so maybe the Secretary of Death Panels could open her heart to a doggie. Oh GOD!!! We’re getting senile!!

OK, so we know Death Panel Sebelius won’t help, but we can. A good Samaritan named Grant Kirsh has started a campaign to raise the $50,000 so Mr. Williams can keep Oliver. As we type, they’re at $41,000 and they’ve got fourteen days to come up with another nine grand.

The Curmudgeon kicked in five bucks. We’ll give up a bottle of cheap wine this week to offset the cost. You can go HERE and be a Christmas Angel for Mr. Williams and Orlando.

Do it now or The Curmudgeon will put YOU on his Christmas list. You don’t want to be there.

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