Can the NFL of parity have a non-Steeler darkhorse?

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steelers-mini1We are continually amused by how sports talk radio and TV fill airtime. Yes, the same dynamic applies to political 24/7 outlets as well; but in sports, opinions are continually refuted or affirmed with actual game results.

Political predictions get tested every 2-to-4 years, but “opinions” concerning policy usually remain muddled thanks to divided government.

This week before the last regular season games are played, and playoff slots decided on Sunday, Fox Sports explored the prospects for “dark horse” candidates that could, like wild card teams past, keep late-season hot streaks going and win the Super Bowl.

FS1’s NFL Debate of the Week:

Not sure that a currently 11-5 San Francisco 49-ers team horse heading into their finale against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix would qualify as dark with 11 or 12 wins. That gold diggers’ pony looks pretty light to this long-suffering Falcons, Colts and Panthers fan. (Yes, when you grow up with Atlanta’s NFL entry off nearby I-85, you need back-up “favorites”, but I digress.)

The Philadelphia Eagles a darker horse? For sure, but the less light, equine franchise is watered down exponentially if they win their finale against Romo-less Dallas Cowboys and enter the playoffs with double-digit wins.

By the lights of this Gamecock as viewed from our Stone Mountain of Georgia roost, the only true NFC dark horse would be one ridden either by a 9-wins-or-less Cowboy, Bear or Packer from Dallas, Chicago or Green Bay, respectively.

In the AFC, the defending Super Bowl champion, dark-bird Ravens from Baltimore, can nevermore (or at least until next season) be a dark horse; but should 8-8 Steelers from Pittsburg make the playoffs and win their seventh Super Bowl, they would be the darkest NFL horse of all time.

And if Cam’s Carolina can’t win its first, nor Indy their second Super Bowl win but first via Luck, we would revel in an NFL championship won by a team without a winning record, if only to mock parity, greed and the rendering of the NFL’s regular season to near irrelevancy ala the NBA and NHL.

Feels right.

P.S. MLB Pitchers and catchers report in February. Until then, Brrrrrrr.

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