Black Santa VS. White Santa Finally Settled.. Like Men: Sweaty, Bearded Men.

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megyn-kellyIt was Black Santa against White Santa and Megyn Kelly was nowhere to be found. But the issue has been settled as far as I’m concerned: Santa may be white if Megyn is right, but if Santa is black – he can kick White Santa’s ass.

To make the point on how ridiculous it is to fight over the race of a fictitious being, the WWE Professional Wrestling League put on a grudge match designed not necessarily on what race Santa Claus is, but how many idiots would sit and watch a giant black Santa fight a giant white one.

Normally, I’d say this was the dumbest thing on earth, but it still is not nearly as stupid as the fact that we were actually debating the race of Santa Claus, thanks to the aforementioned Megyn Kelly a couple weeks ago. It will be a while I’m thinking before something tops that for pure vapidness.

Of course Spring is coming up and do we really know what ethnicity the Easter Bunny is? What do you think, Megyn?.. White? I’d say most people are more comfortable hunting Easter eggs that are hidden by a white Easter Bunny, but on the other hand, I’d pay good money to see a black Easter Bunny hit a white one over the head with a folding chair any day.

Anywhoozer, here’s some Black Santa / White Santa RAW Footage!

You gotta watch a little at least:

Surfing Santas
We’re doing a little outsourcing this year..

Meanwhile, off Central Florida’s Atlantic coast, more than 210 surfers dressed as Santa Claus went surfing Christmas Eve, and there were both men and women and so many different ethnicity, races and ages that you couldn’t really tell who or what Santa was – but it didn’t seem to matter.

And isn’t that the way it oughta be?

Surfing SantasCome on you jerks – quit worrying about what race Santa Claus is and start putting your energy into something positive, for cry-eye.

What’s the matter with you? I’ve seen all kinds of Santa’s and the only thing kid’s care about is are they going to get the thing they want for Christmas or not? Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

It’s the Lord’s birthday and you shouldn’t be worried about gifts or cards unless you’re a little kid. Then start worrying or Black Santa will stiff you next year. Worse yet, he make hit you over the head with a folding chair.


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