Bullying, Belichick, NFL chickification, PC-MPs and men


chickificationSeinfeld’s Elaine Benes should thank her lucky stars that her most fertile years won’t be spent in a Europe 20+ years-hence poised to deny parents the right to circumcise newborn baby boys, given that character’s bemoaning of the un-circumcised as having no, “personality.” Meanwhile, the war against men being waged by liberal New Castrati Democrats in America continues apace with inroads made even into, arguably, America’s two most masculine of institutions: The Armed Forces of the United States and the National Football League.

Earlier today here at JoeForAmerica, DeVine Law bemoaned the increasing political correctness of Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama’s military police that prohibits uttering “Merry Christmas” or the name of Jesus on the bases of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. Constraints of time prevented us from including in that emasculation-itemization the lowering of standards for combat lest females be excluded from emulating G.I. Jane; the elevation of social engineering above combat readiness aboard co-ed aircraft carriers; and the recent declaration of number one threat to U.S. national security to be, not Islamist terrorists, Iranian nukes or Red China’s navy, but, rather….wait for it…climate change.

Yes, nubile young chicks probably can wage a war against SUVs, aerosol antiperspirant and cheap-fossil-fuel energy, as well as burly men. If only PC-MPs would allow memos to reach the Nidal Hasan’s at Fort Hoods, Tsarnaevs at Boston Marathons, and suicide bombers in the Islamic world that would convince them we don’t hate them.

Meanwhile, while NFL rules had already made quarterbacks safer in and out of the pocket than babies in a pro-choicer’s womb, New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick risked fines and suspension today for “bullying” Commissioner Roger Goodell like Jonathan Martin claimed  Rickie Incognito and other fellow Dolphins did him:

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — Patriots coach Bill Belichick is blaming recently instituted NFL rules shortening offseason practice time for what he claims to be an increasing number of player injuries.

”I’m in favor of total preparation for the players for the season,” Belichick said during a conference call with Buffalo reporters this week in leading up to New England’s home game against the Bills on Sunday. ”And I think that’s been changed significantly and, I would say, not necessarily for the better when you look at the injury numbers.”

Belichick said players are more vulnerable to being hurt because they’re less prepared, and described the limits placed on offseason workouts – including training camp – as being counterproductive.

”Personally, I think that’s taking the wrong approach,” he said. ”You have a gap between preparation and competition level. And I think that’s where you see a lot of injuries occurring. We get a lot of breakdowns. We get a lot of situations that players just aren’t as prepared as they were in previous years, in my experience anyway.”

Belichick was specifically challenging several new rules negotiated into the NFL labor deal that ended an offseason-long lockout in 2011.

More on “adult bullying”:

Obviously, we oppose the bullying of children on schoolyard playgrounds and elsewhere. We also oppose harshly-cold winters, pain and hurt feelings, but I digress. But, yes we favor the intervention of school officials in known instances of the bullying of children.

What we have objected to here at JoeForAmerica in the past is the criminalization of non-violent versions, like “cyber-stalking” by a Florida sheriff, and the use of PC rules against bullying to advance LBGT sexualization of pre-pubescents.

But when adults in academia and even the NFL describe the normal back-and-forth in the workplace as “bullying” that they should be protected from, then we know we are watching the decline and fall of the exceptional America that brought us D-Day, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson; the portraits of the latter two of which have, by the way, been ordered removed by PC-MPs from the walls of the United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pa.


Guess Lee and Jackson didn’t sufficiently fight against climate-changing-smog from burning campfires?

G. Sand Lapper

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