Amnesty for traitor Snowden but no asylum for persecuted Christians?

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snowden traitorEarlier this month, JoeForAmerica reported on the Obama Administration’s unprecedented use of grants of asylum to illegal aliens that crossed our southern border from Mexico and who have not been persecuted in any way. That report also documented the denial of asylum status to an Albanian woman fleeing sex-slavery as well as the, again, unprecedented action of President Barack Obama in appealing an administrative law judge’s ruling granting asylum to a German couple denied the right to home school their children with the threat of incarceration and a loss of custody.

But this same liberal Democrat’s executive branch is considering granting amnesty to a traitor:

The question of whether Edward Snowden might one day win amnesty in the US or political asylum elsewhere may hang largely on whether a reported cache of 1.5 million still-unreleased top-secret documents exists and remains under wraps. Nobody, not apparently even the National Security Agency, knows how many top-secret documents the former NSA contractor copied into his own encrypted archives. But an NSA official on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday would not deny that Snowden may have taken as many as 1.7 million documents.

If Snowden has released to the press between 50,000 and 200,000 documents, as NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander said in October, that leaves some 1.5 million documents unaccounted for. More significantly, those documents are likely to be much more harmful to American security interests than what has been released so far, several cyber espionage experts say.

Video report:

The issues of whether NSA surveillance of meta-data accumulated by telephone companies and the potential possible abuse of that and other available data and FISA warrants must be separated from the actions of Snowden, even if his complaints concerning the power of the NSA are partially valid. Snowden has released classified material that puts the lives of Americans at risk who act clandestinely here and abroad to prevent more 9/11s on U.S. soil and, generally, to protect Americans everywhere from terrorist and other attacks by enemies of the United States.

Given that he has been in the custody of Russia, a nation that is allied with terror states such as Syria and Iran, should give our national security leaders pause concerning any likelihood that he has been able to prevent Russia from seeing all of the documents Snowden had access to when first he came into the foreign power’s control after fleeing the United States.

Heroes don’t flee. Traitors do.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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