Americans held hostage in Hillary-approved, UN-peace-kept-South Sudan

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obama-3am-phone-callAs in Syria, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the leader of South Sudan who precipitated the violence that has over 35,000 Americans trapped in a Libyan-like-Civil War.

Not sure if Susan Rice will appear this Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation to tell Bob Scheiffer what anti-Muslim video caused the uprising or if President Barack Obama wonders what difference, at this point, does it make:

Three United States aircraft flying into a heavily contested region of South Sudan to evacuate American citizens were attacked on Saturday morning and forced to turn back without completing the mission, American officials said. Four service members were wounded, one seriously. The United States had been evacuating Americans from the country, where a political crisis exploded in violence last week, for several days, but the mission on Saturday was the first into rebel-controlled territory.

The Special Operations forces took off from Djibouti heading for Bor, the capital of Jonglei State, where some 14,000 refugees were holed up in a United Nations compound surrounded by armed young men, American officials said. As the aircraft, tilt-rotor CV-22 Ospreys, which can fly like an airplane and land like a helicopter, approached Bor around 10 a.m. local time, they “were fired on by small-arms fire by unknown forces,” the military said in a statement.

All three aircraft were damaged and were diverted to Entebbe, Uganda, about 500 miles away. A C-17 transport plane then ferried the four wounded service personnel to Nairobi, Kenya, for medical care. By early Sunday, all were reported to be in stable condition.

As did the last liberal Democrat to occupy the White House, President Barack Obama (like Bill Clinton’s increased meals-on-wheels missions coupled with military cuts) finds himself the Commander-in-Chief of a greatly weakened and stretched military under siege by enemies emboldened by his retreats from Iraq, Egypt, Benghazi and Syria and appeasement of Iran.

Weakness invites aggression:

It will get worse. Neither Barack nor Hillary were prepared for 3am phone calls.

G. Sand Lapper

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