Cyber Monday 2017: Amazon drones


AmazonThe more books people read, the less likely they are to fall for liberal Democratic Party schemes that take over 1/6th of the U.S. economy while promising lower prices. Then consider that on this very Cyber Monday, the Drone-killer-in-Chief who still owns Snail Mail announced that Obamacare signups via dead-tree applications are ready for the Holiday Season, and one wonders what will be the war-on-carbon government’s reaction to Amazon’s friendly skies-beautification plan:

Online retailer Amazon announced Sunday that it is planning a new delivery service in which products would be delivered with the use of unmanned drones.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the so-called “Octocopters” in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS “60 Minutes,” and claimed that the drones would not be ready to take flight for another four or five years. However, after the interview aired, Amazon released a statement promising that “Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today.”

“I know this looks like science fiction. It’s not,” Bezos said in the CBS interview with Charlie Rose. “It drops the package. You come and get your package and we can do half-hour deliveries.”

Federal Aviation Administration regulations currently prohibit the kind of flights Bezos proposes that Prime Air octocopters undertake. However, rule changes could come as early as 2015.

This conservative is wary of book, milk, bread and condom deliveries blackening our view of Atlanta’s hazy skyline from atop our Stone Mountain of Georgia roost, but admit some visions of Rush Revere being rushed to kids before liberal academia can besmirch their skulls full of mush, dance in our head.


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