Abandon Ship: GOP can rescue poor, Hispanics and Millennials

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abandon shipThis tea partier conservative Republican doesn’t live by the vicissitudes of daily, weekly or monthly polls. Rather, we are about the business of persuasion with facts, reason and logic to move polls in a direction that will remove the authors of failed economic, social and national security policies from elected office.

But we have always contended that conservative Reaganite supply-side economics are better for all Americans whether they be young, old, rich, poor, middle class, red, yellow, brown, black and white. So it is with some level of vindication that we report our efforts are not in vain, despite the cognitive dissonance of the election held 13 months ago:

Last December President Obama boasted a 53 percent (average) approval rating. Eleven months later, however, only 41 percent on average now approve of the job he’s doing as president — a remarkable reversal. Millennials, in other words, mustn’t be the only ones losing faith in their president. As it happens, so are Hispanics, non-whites, moderates, the poor, and just about everyone else:

Changes in President Obama’s Job Approval, by Subgroup, December 2012 vs. November 2013


Moreover, Americans now view Ronald Reagan the greatest president and Barack Obama the biggest failed president since 1900.

Of course, the only polls that matter are those that record actual votes in elections, so we would urge Republican candidates to take advantage of the re-education Obama and the Democrats’ failed policies are teaching We the People to remind Hispanics, the young and the poor that the GOP opposed the policies that have made them poorer.

While many abandon ship, the GOP needn’t pander for votes with special interest policies. Stick with conservative policies but it is neither class warfare nor identity politics to point out the fact that our policies produce more prosperity for all and specifically that they make the poor less so.

Mike DeVine‘s Right.com @ Joe For America.com

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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