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#43 Keeping it Classy



Backstory from BleacherReport:

Alabama Kicker Cade Foster Sent Death Threats and Hateful Tweets After Loss

Suffice it to say, this wasn’t how Cade Foster saw his final Iron Bowl going.

Sure, the biggest play of Alabama’s 2013 season came on a field-goal attempt from an impossible length. Fifty-seven yards for a chance at Crimson Tide immortality and a victory over rival Auburn. There was just one second remaining on the clock. The Alabama kicker held a possible three-peat on his right leg. It was frankly every kicker’s dream scenario.

Only Foster wasn’t the kicker.

You can read the full story about Cade Foster over on

Cade Foster received death threats, and a pretty cool note from our former president…

Thanks #43 for keeping it classy!


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