‘You’re not a princess’ message just a few decades too late

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prince-rogers-nelsonAmerica was a better country when masculine and feminine values were valued, rather than the current ethos of victimization and entitlement.

This Southern Baptist tea partier conservative regularly lauds the quality of private Catholic school education, including the segregation of  boys and girls where that works. So it is with some trepidation that we venture to question Mercy Academy’s push back against…”Cinderella culture“? Who knew:

“You’re not a princess,” Mercy Academy says in a new ad created by Louisville, Ky. agency Doe-Anderson. “Don’t wait for a prince,” reads another. “Be able to rescue yourself.”

“This message empowers them to move beyond that whole fairy tale idea and to write their own story in life,” said Mercy principal Amy Elstone. The Louisville girls’ school with 550 students launched the campaign last week, with ads on websites, billboards and bus shelters. Elstone knew it might raise eyebrows.

“We knew it was going to be risky going with this message,” Elstone told TODAY Moms. “Our girls are growing up in a society where they’re told by their parents that they’re a princess, and our message is that they’re not a princess, they’re so much more.”

On TODAY, Natalie Morales credited the school with spreading a “great message.”

“You watch the Hollywood romance movies and you see the happy ending and the guy always comes in and saves everybody and everybody lives happily ever after and that’s not life,” Morales said.

Did this rooster just oversleep dawn by about 40 years? The men I see Hollywood portray are usually buffoons whose adolescent children mock, while the their single mom plays Wonder Woman working from dawn till dusk.

Princes and princesses? The America I have watched devolve, since before the Artist-formerly-known-as-Prince, has been a welfare state that kicked the man out of the house and made Uncle Sam daddy. That loathes all that is masculine and feminine for that matter.

It truly would be a fairy tale for parents to tell their daughters to live to be kept by a confident powerful male since that creature was put on the path to distinction soon after Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique” put femininity on the same path with the pill and abortion as birth controls.

It was a always a myth that American women have been subservient princesses at any time in her history, and certainly it was progress for women to have the same educational and employment opportunities as men. But of course, as with everything, liberal Democrats took it too far with their broad definitions of sexual “harassment”, “hostile” work forces and “date rape”.

America was a better and stronger country when women were put on a pederast instead of descending into the morass where men reside. We sympathize with our Christian sisters’ attempts to prepare their charges for a world in which men have been true victims of the liberal culture; and judging by their recruitment video, we support them:

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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