But Words will Never Hurt Me

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Lorenzo Garcia and his chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) had an idea to draw attention to the immigration debate and opted to go the route of Miley Cyrus in doing so.

I know a lot of you are all anti-Miley, but I like her style.  I mean, if your job is to get people to talk about you, she’s definitely #winning.  Cyrus understands that words will never hurt her. No time for that, she’s trying to figure out what is next on the list to keep everyone talking. If she doesn’t, we’ll all forget about her, and her career is over.

Anyway, Lorenzo and his friends at YCT organized an event on campus called “Catch an Illegal Immigrant.”  A game something like tag, but here’s how it was supposed to work. A couple of YCT members on campus would wear a shirt that said “Illegal Immigrant” on it, if someone came in contact with an individual wearing the shirt, they could bring them to the YCT booth and get a $25 gift card. Seems like a fun game, maybe a few anti-amnesty groups around the country should follow Lorenzo’s lead to shine a spot light on the Immigration debate.

The lefties have gone full bat-shit crazy, threatening Lorenzo’s life and attempting to destroy him because they don’t want debate… bullying the kid to shut him up.

That is what we have come to expect from the left, but not from conservatives, and REALLY not from a Republican candidate in, of all places, Texas!

“Our campaign has no affiliation with this repugnant effort,”

Those were the words of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott when asked about Lorenzo and YCT’s event. I wonder what the Texas Attorney General found to be so “repugnant?”  Aren’t taxpayers giving billions of dollars to ICE, INS and Border Patrol to play a real-life game of “Catch an Illegal Immigrant?”

Guadalupe_Shaw_and_Katelyn_Roman_Abbott needs a swift kick in the nuts for abandoning this kid, but he isn’t the only conservative let-down lately. The outpouring of disdain (some but not all here) for the 2 girls for whom the bullying charges have been dropped. It was so overwhelming; I had to reassess my position.  After assessing, my position remains unchanged.

While I regret that a young girl committed suicide, I find it incomprehensible that two other girls’ lives should be ruined for simply using words. Does that mean I am all for bullying?

NO, It doesn’t…

It means that I understand that kids can be mean. In case you are living in a different world then me, it’s not just kids.  Ask Joe the Plumber how mean people can be – odds are he has a couple of stories he could tell. Let’s face it, life is not always Pixie dust, rainbows and unicorns; everyone can relate to the old saying:


It also means that I think parents on both sides need to do some parenting. It seems to me that it was a total fail by all parents involved.

At the end of the day, I cannot find justification to destroy anyone’s life over the words they use. I am left wondering how others find it so easy.

A fragile little 12-year-old girl got her feelings hurt and took her own life. What if Miley, Lorenzo, Greg, Joe, or myself were to do the same because people said mean things to us? Should everyone that hurts the feelings of a suicide victim have his or her life destroyed?

While you are pondering that, please watch this video. If it doesn’t make you smile, you have no soul!

Now be nice, and let’s try not to hurt anyone’s feelings, mmmmmmmkay?

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