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When we were kids we were taught the traditions and history of this great nation. It was passed down in stories, art, and song, inspiring us to be good citizens.

We were taught about the integrity of George Washington and the honesty of Abraham Lincoln. Over the years, one by one our heroes have been deconstructed and our American values sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Slowly but surely our monuments are being stolen, our history rewritten, and the evidence of our heritage is being lost. Where is the modern day Samuel Francis Smith to pen the words of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee? Who will be the hand of Francis Scott Key in our day, writing the timeless words of our National Anthem?

On the horizon I see new talent, writing and performing culturally relevant works that remind us of where we came from. Songs that express a pure love of country and inspire us to be better as individuals and as a nation.

Krista Branch is one such artist.  Krista performs many songs that are lyrically inspiring, coupled with modern pop music that is appealing to all generations.

In our modern day, the work Krista Branch is doing is a rare thing.  She  is currently working on a new album of twelve songs about faith, family and freedom. She and her songwriter husband Michael have chosen to put the fate of the music in the hands of those who share her ideals.  She has started a Kickstarter campaign which allows each of us the opportunity to invest in this very important project.  If she reaches her $20,000 goal the album will be made. If not, the album will not move ahead as planned.

I recommend that we all do the best we can to see that her efforts are successful.  If we value music that reflects our ideals, we must put our support behind entertainers with the courage to step out and create the content we need at this time in our Nation.

In a political environment that seems committed to rewriting our history, someone should be telling the correct version of our story in song. This is one opportunity to preserve and protect art that has meaning. Please take this opportunity to promote music that inspires the soul and forges a path for other young artists to follow.

Krista & Michael are good friends of mine and I hope that you will join me in helping get this album made:


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