Wife of Seattle mayor arrested at anti-Republican, pro-immigration protest

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BELLEVUE, Wash. – The wife of outgoing Seattle Mayor Michael McGinn was arrested along with several other leftist labor leaders when they refused to leave the state Republican headquarters while protesting about immigration reform.

mayor arrestedPeggy Lynch, the mayor’s wife, was protesting alongside state teacher union leaders and the heads of other liberal organizations like 21 Progress, Casa Latina, and the NW Network, KOKO News reports.

The protest drew about 150 people to the Republicans’ office building to demand a “comprehensive immigration law that treats women and children fairly,” according to a statement cited by KOKO news. About 30 women were arrested inside the building for first degree trespassing and released, police said.

The group was part of a broader push by liberals across the country to pressure key Republican House members to act on immigration reform, the news site reports.

The publicity stunt is common among Big Labor types, who often attempt to depict themselves as the martyr for their cause to gain status among radical liberals and sympathy from the public. It’s the same tactic that was used by the Chicago Teachers Union during its 2012 strike.

Union officials often pre-plan the arrests with the help of law enforcement officials to provide the best photo opportunities and coverage by the media.

But the fact is the arrests do nothing to help solve the problem protestors profess to care so deeply about. It should seem obvious to most logical folks that these people could be spending their time much more constructively to address their problems.

That’s essentially the message state Republican Party boss Susan Hutchison conveyed to KOKO News about the Bellevue protest.

Hutchison, who was out of town when protestors stormed the building, said Republicans agree that the current immigration system is in need of reform, “but you cannot fix a broken law by breaking the law.”

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